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LSG has a new office in Technopark Laguna so if you are in need of vacuum machines for your commercial business; make sure you reach out to us! We are a VIPER vacuum distributor in the Philippines and proud to offer the finest cleaning machines in the country. Contact us for FREE QUOTATION!

Phone Number: (+6345) 649 8150
Mobile Number: +63 908 892 8077

5. Allen Sports DowntownAllen Sports Downtown is probably one of the cheapest folding bikes available out there ($288.71 on Amazon). Yet its build quality and performance is quite good - durable, simple and safe. User reviews suggest that Allen Sports has a very responsive and helpful customer service department and their products can be serviced very easily if something arrives broken or breaks

Looking for efficient and durable commercial cleaning equipment? You are in the right place! LSG Industrial & Office Products Inc. is now a Viper Distributor Philippines. We are offering a wide range of vacuum cleaners for different applications. Visit our showroom or contact us for details!

Phone Number: (+6345) 649-8150
Mobile Number: +63 908 892 8077

Standing still for long hours may take a toll on your body, whether you are using traditional floor mats or any other surface. Blood circulation, back pain, and foot pain are some of the discomforts that you will feel and over time might lead to a serious disorder. Why be in pain if you can stand comfortably using anti-fatigue mats. Contact us to order!

Phone Number: (+6345) 649-8150
Mobile N





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