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Kins, 1976; Williams, 1966). An evolved system, defined with respect to functionality, consists of those component processes--and their coordinated interactions--that are necessary to accomplish a specific adaptive task. We suggest that many features of human memory systems have been designed by evolution, in part, to interface with systems for long-term planning. For an organism to behave more a

Argued that although survival is not high on the participants' list of things that they associate with being on a camping trip, survival-related thought and emotion play a larger role in planning for a trip. Since planning is the focal element of the present study, we decided to repeat our pretest with a new set of participants (N = 18) and a slight change in the instructions. The participants we

Uthor Manuscript NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author ManuscriptThe Present ResearchIn this article, we propose that one of the most important adaptive functions of human memory is to monitor, store, and access information in the service of planning for personal future contingencies. We argue that when memory is so engaged, its performance should be especially efficient. Our prediction draws on

Ummary, although it is always possible to argue that survival concerns play a nonconscious role in cognition about camping (whether in the past, present, or future), the participants' subjective reports revealed little, if any, conscious concern with survival in the camping setting. On the basis of these findings, and the arguments presented above, we predicted that the recall performance associa

Ire containing 18 words representing both material objects (e.g., food, plants, pencils) and more abstract concepts (e.g., fun, surprise, survival). The complete list can be seen in either Figure 1 or Figure 2. The instructions requested that the participants take a few moments to imagine that you are going on a camping trip. Pay attention to all of the feelings and thoughts that go through your

F an experimental institution of a `science court'.The Problem of Expertise in Knowledge SocietiesTraditional, Industrial, and Knowledge SocietiesTurning to the historical and social context of expertise, let me start with an observation by Zygmunt Bauman. In his book Legislators and Interpreters, Bauman (1987) writes about the role of the intellectual and introduces the terms `legislators' and `





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