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This article was written a few years ago, long before I began shooting digital.
If you're a photo guru, then you're familiar with aperture, shutter speed and how to set them. Don't pick the cheapest camera, and since you're not a pro you surely don't need the most expensive.

Start with what you think is the most flattering lighting - What you think your subject would like, whether soft and pretty, or hard and strong.
As with children's photography, it is important to understand the development stage the baby is at in order to get the best smiles.

Facebook is a great way to promote your business for free.
The world of product photography is a world of the five senses. Props are often used and are very important in the work of a fashion photographer.

Yes, this can become a full time business for you. You are also going to spend a lot of time with them after the wedding.

You will most probably look at the subsequent standard needs.

It's a existence-saver if the officiator gets crabby when you get too shut for his or her liking. You want even lights, and no undesired reflections on the subject matter.





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