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RBs and WRs are valuable because (a) you have to start multiple) and (b) they are scarce relative to QBs.
A huge swath of QBs all score about the same amount of points per game and over the course of the season, where as the elite RBs significantly outscore "replacement" players.

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I wish Obama had done more, but if Obama was certain that only war or all out cyberwar would have really put an end to this meddling, I won fault him for not acting.

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In the first, the Rockets opened the scoring when Jadon Joseph set up Pavel Novak back door and it was 1 0, eight minutes in. The Regina powerplay responded at the 12 minute mark, Caiden Daley tipped in a Zach Wytinck point shot to tie the game at one and that was the score after the first.





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