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A long 29 years have sped by since Thiruvananthapuram last hosted an international cricket match.
Fittingly, it is a T20I, the rage since a decade now, ...

The Littoral is the coastal belt and home to numerous ports of the country and is one of the top Ecuador tourist attractions.
This is where the real fun begins because it offers everything from beaches, resorts, water sports and deep water fishing.

The problem isn't what happens to Silicon Valley companies who can afford special treatment.
It's hard to shed a tear for Facebook or Google fighting with the cable guy over who gets to swim around in the largest pile of money.

In the Broadway musical The Prom, a high school PTA decides to cancel the dance rather than allow two girls to attend together.
They worried that the show might feel irrelevant by now but they were wrong.

Along the way we sampled the city's best street food and watched carvers working on lifesize statues of Hindu gods in marble from the same quarry used to build the Taj Mahal.
But it needs to be planned with care and imagination.

Here is how you can decide:Unlike a diversified equity fund, an ELSS has a mandatory lock in period of three years.
It does not matter whether you are getting Section 80C benefits or not. The lock in period of three years will still be applicable.





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