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I finally got to be that age, I realized that those little kids out there watching are probably thinking the same thing I was at their age and it was just an awesome thing to think about.

Repeat 60 some odd times. Notice how 2018 Women's Competition winner Miki Sudo incorporates a little rolling action in her bread to compress the overall bite volume.
She ended up blowing away the competition with 37 devoured dogs in total.

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The Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) is thrilled to soon be opening in Niagara Falls.
BATL will be opening its doors for free public axe throwing sessions in November.
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There had also been glimpses in the Middle East. In March 1971, Israel picked up a strange new aircraft that accelerated to Mach 3.2 more than three times the speed of sound and climbed to 63,000ft (nearly 20 kilometres).

In four pages devoted to energy and climate, the platform tosses aside an environmental regulatory structure built on congressional legislation and judicial rulings over more than four decades, dating to the creation of the Environmental Protection.

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